What I do

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Basic Services

  • Set-up of QuickBooks Online (or transfer from QB Desktop)

  • Recording all deposits & sales receipts/invoices

  • Reconciling all bank, credit card & loan statements

  • Producing all necessary financial reports & analysis (monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • Providing your tax accountant with complete & accurate year-end records and report

Additional Options

  • Reviewing and Manage Accounts Receivables

  • Reviewing and Manage¬†Accounts Payables

  • Assisted Payroll and sales tax reporting

Catch Up/Clean Up Services

  • Reviewing, entering, correcting and/or re-organizing your financial books/records to ensure that all transactions have been added & categorized properly, to ensure that your business books are not only accurately kept but easy to understand on a financial level.

  • Ultimately making your financial books ready for regular maintenance, and all your reports ready and easy to understand by your accountant (or tax preparer) of choice.

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Financial Advisory and Statements

  • Balance Sheet (monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • Income Statement (monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • Statement of Cash Flows (monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • Any custom reports you may want or need

  • Presented to you in a cohesive & easy to understand format (monthly, quarterly, annually) in 60 minutes of time set aside with you virtually.

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